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So you’re about to travel abroad? Here’s what you need to do!

You are interested in foreign countries, getting to know new people and want to improve you practical skills and your technical knowledge? Then you are the right person for an internship abroad. On the following pages you will find information about the different stages of an internship abroad.

  • 1. At home: Before the internship period

    Before going on an internship you have to apply at your national agency for funding. Here you will get some information about where and how you can apply and some details about practical arrangements which have to be made in advance.

    Before the internship period
  • 2. On site: During the internship

    When you are already on an internship you have to consider some essential things like what the people in the company will expect off you and how to handle all the new experiences. It is also necessary to report what you have done.

    During the internship
  • 3. Back home: After

    Everybody involved in the internship wants to get feedback. In this part you will get useful advice how to write a final report, which certificates you will get and how evaluation will work.