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3.1 Reflection

Upon the conclusion of your internship, the company where you did your internship will provide feedback on your performance. Often, your teacher may engage in a discussion with your supervisor, offering insights. Additionally, a final interview may be conducted by your teacher to share feedback directly with you.

However, the evaluation process is not one-sided. The company may also expect your reflections on the job—what you enjoyed and what aspects were less favorable. This exchange can occur through an interview or by completing a questionnaire. Clearly express your opinions, supported by compelling arguments. Mere statements like finding the work boring or interesting are insufficient; provide explanations for your sentiments, backed by relevant examples. Your daily or weekly reports can serve as valuable references to prepare for this final interview.

Expressing gratitude through a thank-you letter to your supervisor or the company is a thoughtful gesture. This communicates your appreciation for their guidance in improving your skills.

3.2 Certificates

The most recognized certification is the Europass, a competency portfolio designed to highlight your skills when seeking employment in any EU country.

Ensure you have your Europass mobility document with you, obtained either from your coordinator at home or by self-registration. Remember to complete and have it signed by the coordinator of the hosting organization and your company supervisor.

More information on Europass:

3.3 Writing a final report and sharing the experiences

As a representative of your school, your responsibility is to document the valuable experiences gained during your international internship. Your school is eager to have insights from your journey.

Given the potential of a wide audience of this report, meticulous attention to spelling, layout, and style is imperative. This is not a text about a vacation or an adventure trip; instead, focus on presenting essential facts about both the school and the company you visited. Additionally, incorporate relevant details about your leisure activities and intercultural encounters in order to guide other students in the future.