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3. Back home - After

3.1 Reflection

At the end of the internship the company you worked for will give you some feedback on your performance during the internship. Very often one of your teachers will talk to your supervisor in the company but he will also give some feedback directly to you in a final interview.

But not only the company will evaluate your work, they might also expect, that you tell them what you liked about the job and what you didn’t like. Again this could be done in an interview or with a questionnaire. State your opinion clearly and give good arguments for your statements. It is not enough just to say that the work was boring/interesting, you also have to explain why you feel in a certain way and illustrate it with examples. Your daily/weekly reports can help you to prepare for your final interview.

It also could be a good idea to write a letter of thanks to your supervisor/company. This shows them that you appreciated their support in improving your skills. If you don’t know how to do it, the following example could give you some ideas.

3.2 Certificates

The best known certificate is the Europass which is a portfolio of competence that will help you to bring forward your competences when you apply for a job in any EU-country.

The Europass consists of five documents:

  1. Europass mobilty

  2. Europass CV

  3. Europass language pass

  4. Europass certificate supplement

  5. Europass diploma supplement

You will have to bring your Europass mobility document with you. You either get it from your coordinator at home or you have to register yourself. Don't forget to have it filled in and signed by the coordinator of the hosting organisation and the supervisor in your company.

More information on Europass:

3.3 Writing a final report and sharing the experiences

You are representing your school. It’s therefore your task to document the experiences you have made during your internship abroad. The school would like to learn from your experiences. The following document might give you some idea what should be included in a report about your internship.

This report might be read by many people, so be careful about the spelling, the layout and the style. Remember, it is not a text about a holiday or an adventure trip. Give important facts about the school and the company you visited. Also include some information about your spare time and intercultural experiences.