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Coordinator Guide

Coordinating requires good leading and organizational skills!

It is normally the coordinator from the sending organisation who will initiate the placement process. There are many benefits, for all parties, that mobility can provide and the coordinator from the sending organization has a crucial role, be it in providing information, contacting partners abroad or following up the progress of the trainee.

  • Phase 1: Before the internship period

    All the steps prior to the actual stay of the trainee in the foreign company are essential to ensure a smooth transfer into the new environment: information to all parties, selection and matching processes and logistics.

    Before the internship period
  • Phase 2: During

    The placements are a constituent part of the training, and therefore the trainees need to be advised, supervised and evaluated. Among other participants, the sending partner's coordinator has a very important role to play on the follow-up stage.

  • Phase 3: After

    All parties involved have an interest on getting a feedback of the process that will be useful for the evaluation, validation and certification of the skills gained abroad.