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3. After the internship


The trainee is expected to write a report of the stay and the activities carried out during the internship.

The report is addressed to the tutor of the sending partner (but a copy of it should also be sent to the tutor of the hosting or intermediary organisation).

The trainee should also include in the report a self-evaluation of their experience.

3.1 The Trainee’s Report & Assessment


In order to check that the objectives set up at the beginning of the process have been achieved and to know to what extent the internship has covered the trainee's expectations.

The conclusions drawn from the report may be of great use to improve future experiences.


The trainee writes an evaluation of his experience during the internship using the form supplied by the tutor of the sending partner as well as answering the evaluation sent from Mobility Tool+.

The trainee, the supervisor and the tutor of the hosting partner should have a final meeting in order to evaluate the experience.

The trainee should also have a final meeting with his tutor in the sending partner to evaluate the whole period.

Sometimes an oral presentation is made by the trainees either in the sending or the hosting partner, or both, sometimes at the same company.

3.2 Evaluation & Assessment of the Internship Process


Identify the skills and competencies acquired by the trainee and evaluate other general aspects such as punctuality, autonomy, team work.

Other aspects to be evaluated are related to the organisation:

  • Was the selection of candidates adequate?

  • Was the information provided useful?

  • Was communication between partners effective?


It is important to evaluate the internship process because the trainee needs to know the competences and the skills acquired.

The tutor of the sending company and the supervisor need to know whether the original objectives were met.


A meeting between the tutors of both the sending and the hosting partners with the supervisor at the end of the internship allows the partners to evaluate and discuss the progress and the results of the internship and the quality of the activities carried out by the trainee.

The supervisor fills in the evaluation report/grid provided by the tutor and signs the Europass.

The tutor of the sending partner writes a final report containing, the conclusions of the meeting with the supervisor in order to improve the organisation of further internships.

3.3 Validation / Certification


At the end of the internship period, the company delivers a certificate to the trainee which must include dates, number of hours, and field of activity (sector).

This certificate is issued to the trainee in all cases, even if the experience has not led to successful results.

The validation of the training abroad within the trainee's pathway can be achieved by a variety of means. One possibility is the certificate and the evaluation report included in the proposed monitoring notebook including the documents used by the sending partner for the validation. Other equivalent documents could be used for this goal.

The EUROPASS_MOBILITY documents, which will be delivered to the trainee as a proof of the experience, must be filled in and then signed by the company; the tutor of the sending partner, the coordinators, or the trainee should make sure that these documents are correctly completed as it can be used as a tool for certification and validation.

The sending partner will introduce all the data and information used in the first phase of the internship.


Mobility experiences have to respond to training needs of the participant and they must meet the set objectives.

Certification is a document which proves that an internship has occurred within certain conditions (period, dates, tasks…) without mentioning the results of it.

Validation is the process that leads to a recognised experience by means of a document that can be included in the trainee's training pathway.


The Europass Mobility is a proof of the experience and a tool for certification and validation. A certificate of the internship period can be delivered in addition by the company according to its own model or following the proposal of the tutor of the sending partner.