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Supervisor Guide

Taking on a trainee is a lot of responsibility, but very rewarding!

For a successful internship, good coaching on the workplace is needed. The support provided by the supervisor is crucial, but also the reception of the trainees by the working team can make a big difference.

While supervisors may not always have ample time for this aspect, s/he has a very important function in the success of the internships. Assuming the role of a mentor for a trainee involves significant responsibility, but it is an immensely gratifying experience!

  • Phase 1 - Before the internship period: Before the internship period

    When the supervisor is able to organize an internship project with challenging contents (degree of autonomy, variation and satisfaction), and able to prepare a good introduction to the company and a smooth start at the work place, it will be a big stimulus for the trainees’ motivation.

    Before the internship period
  • Phase 2: During the Internship

    The supervisor is not only the contact person in case of problems, but he supports and guides the learning process of the trainees (by giving feedback and demonstrating) and it is his leadership style that will motivate them to increase their competences.

    During the Internship
  • Phase 3: At the end of/ after the internship

    The supervisor is the main actor in the process of assessing the trainee’s competences and in evaluating the internship project as a learning process.

    At the end of/ after the internship